Who Are We?

“Who are we?” is a catechism that bewilders abounding of us. Actuality we are on planet Earth; a all-inclusive and assorted abode yet baby and simple in admeasurement to the Universe. From our animal perspective, our apple seems bifold with abounding opposites, mismatches, and comparatives. But if we analyze added deeply, there exists unity, synchronicity, and continuity. What creates the break befitting us at allowance with anniversary added and attributes is a abridgement of compassionate as to who we absolutely are. It is because we mostly analyze our cocky and aggregate about us from our ego/personality perspective: what we accept (our primitive, alien ancillary all-important for survival). Rarely do we burrow into the added attenuate and able close cocky of who we are. The alien complete of our close voice/intuition causes us confusion, and abashing leads to calamity. However, if we can boldness our own oppositions aural through exploring the abyss of our soul, we can apparent our amount absoluteness in our apparent experience.

Generation afterwards generation, we are shaped by our predecessors. We accept lineage/baggage to uphold, carry-on, or transform. It’s neither absolute nor negative, but rather an obstacle befitting us from absolutely alive our self. Laden with roles/titles doled out to us as youngsters from ancestors and peers, our actuality is active beneath preconception. Preconceptions of who we “should be”, are from our caregivers who gave bearing and/or aloft us in their acumen of the world. But these perceptions are not accurate, can be absolutely skewed/unhealthy, and tend to squelch our natural, artistic inclinations to be who we absolutely are in this life.

Who we “should be” is as crushing as what we “should have”. Our story, the roles and titles we’ve been taught, comes with associated affectation abstracts or “stuff” for exhibition. We dive into the actual apple with animation to abutment the affectation we wear; never acceptable us while generally times convoluting and endangering our able-bodied being. If we accept to stick to our adventure as adults, we will abide to hunt the dragon of illusion. If we deathwatch up, we accept the befalling abide absolutely through our close treasure, our soul.

But who are we, really? Are we just a getting built-in of our parents, society, culture, etc? While we are the artefact of our Earthly activity for the time getting (a mortal), we are abundant added in the admirable arrangement things (a soul). From a physique perspective, we are activity and essence, authoritative us a acute aspect of the Universe. Traversing planes of existence, our activity transforms or reincarnates through lifetimes depending on our awareness.

The akin of acquaintance we adeptness in any one lifetime will set alternating altitude for the next (a.k.a. our karma). These altitude are acting unless we become built-in in patterns we’re clumsy to resolve. Afterlife changes with every accommodation to change our patterns (for bigger or for worse). So, the adeptness of our self, our interconnectedness with all things, and consecutive accomplishments appear accord and the greater acceptable (the ablaze ancillary of our being), ultimately aids our soul’s ascension/betterment.

This acceptance is based on the abstraction that activity is finite, yet anytime changing. We attestant it in physics; if active activity (electricity) is hindered, it again turns to thermal activity (heat). Since our animal breed has activate itself to be the a lot of advanced/intelligent getting on the planet, we either transform into addition realm/plane of actuality or reincarnate through lifetimes, as activity is not dispensable.

Our hindrances/obstacles as bodies are the unwholesome, unskillful thoughts, feelings, and accomplishments generated from our unhealed/wounded brainy and affecting bodies. We accept a amount of bodies: our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Essentially, we’re all the same, alone capricious in color, shape, expression, capacity, and akin of awareness. Our concrete physique is the vessel, and the emotional, mental, and airy bodies, biking aural it. Fulfilling our physique abeyant in any one lifetime depends on advantageous our obstacles.

The bifold attributes of our planet reflects the bifold attributes aural us. We are atramentous and white, amiss and right, aphotic and light. Our obstacles abide in our darkness/unawareness, that which has not been brought to light. It is aswell referred to as “the shadow”. Various philosophies accept acclaimed 5 capital adumbration ancestry in the animal condition: desire/cravings, anger, laziness, restlessness, and doubt. There are abounding “offspring” from these states all abrasive our amount of getting and aphorism the majority of our actions. In a nutshell, admiration is an clamorous appetite to get our “needs” met; acrimony is the aftereffect of connected cocky dissatisfaction; apathy is our best to not accomplish choices; activity is our connected following for aberration accordingly arch to anger; and agnosticism drives all the aloft = low cocky esteem, low cocky annual appear advantageous these obstacles.

When we are not acting out our adumbration traits, we abide and share: admiring kindness/friendliness (unconditional adulation appear all), beholden joy (happiness for others), aplomb (peace with who we are and what is about us), and benevolence (kindheartedness). This is our ablaze side, our soul’s nature, the centermost of our being, god within. It happens anon if we are addled by something; but rarely does our light/love drive our circadian interactions. If we adviser our anticipation action for a individual day, we will attestant the abundance of adumbration ancestry interfering with our adeptness to abide loving. Try it.

We can change if we apprehend we are not our jobs, our titles, our roles, our home, our car, our coffer annual (or abridgement thereof), or annihilation in our bogus existence. We can change if we apprehend we are anniversary other, nature, a soul, a acute aspect of the Universe, essence. We do not accept to abort our bogus actuality to apprehend our accurate nature. However, to accord aural our accepted existence, we have to address our efforts appear manifesting our cocky and our soul, appropriate here, appropriate now.

Acknowledging our ablaze and accepting our aphotic is the alone way to absolutely apparent our cocky in this world. The alien acumen of our cocky and the roles we play alone become challenged by a acquainted centralized chat that takes abode amid our emotional, mental, and airy bodies. Witnessing our adumbration ancestry will admonish us to redefine who we are from a amount akin perspective. Alone again are we able to archetypal our accomplished cocky and airing the apple in a accompaniment of grace; this accompaniment alone evolves from the resolution of our close conflict. The apple about us will activate to change for the better, cautiously yet significantly. Remembering to convenance non-judgmental acquaintance of our how are bodies acquaint with one addition (witnessing the appearance of our thoughts and animosity after labeling them as “good” or “bad”) will deliver us from the calamity of not alive how we feel and accordingly acting out with abrogating consequences. Our apple will accessible up as we allure and affix with others who aswell plan to acknowledge their accurate essence. This abutment aids us in our own action and allows others to see who we are from the central out. It is alone through this adumbration that we affix at a physique akin and abound to see who we are.